Pelton Turbines

These impulse turbines for the high head range (relatively small discharge with heads of more than 30 m) are manufactured by Geppert with 1 to 6 nozzles. The jet units are offered external and internal controlled.

Franics Turbine

Francis Turbines

These medium head range turbines (range of application 5 to 300 m) are supplied as open flume turbines with lower heads and as horizontal and vertical spiral turbines with medium heads.


Diagonal Turbines

The diagonal turbine (also Dériaz turbine) is a double regulated reaction turbine for medium head range. (Range of operation up to about 80 m head) This innovative product has been built by Geppert since 1999 for small hydro power plants which has been successfully installed in dozens.

Kaplan Turbines

These low-head range turbines are appropriate to huge discharge. The plants are built as chamber, as S-type or as bulb units in horizontal or vertical design with 3 to 6 blades.

Due to optimized coordinationofguide vaneand runner bladeposition the water flow is passed over the entire range of discharge thattheoutflowis optimal andthe water hasa minimum ofrotational energy in the draft tube. TheKaplan-aggregate situatesthe generator and the turbine in a casing inside the water carrying tube.

Inlet Valves

During the last years inlet valves, suitable for emergency shutdown, especially designed for power plants were developed and constructed.

intelligentes Steuerungssystem

Turbine Governors & Automations

Geppert utilizes regularly improved PLCs to automate new and existing plants. These automations can manage a fully automated unmanned operation with remote enquiry Visualization, and SMS-message alarming according to the clients’ requirement. Power house data and data of other plant components like valves, gates, screen cleaners, residual flow etc. can be linked.

Flap gate and sliding gate for endowment of residual flow (fish ladder out of view)

Turn-Key Plants

Geppert has the capability to supply the entire electromechanical equipment from water to wire from one source.