Core Competence

Core Competence

Our core competence is in the production of small hydro power plants. The hydrodynamic energy is used for hydroelectric power generation. Geppert GmbH provides various turbines and individual solutions for your requirements, also as turnkey contractor.

Various plant configurations are applicable for small hydro power plants, depending on net head, nominal discharge and operating mode. According to the requirements and the annual flow duration curve we use Pelton-, Francis-, Diagonal- or Kaplan turbines.

For your courtesy we have allocated a rough evaluation tool on our site “calculation of power output”.

We provide technically mature solutions for hydroelectric power generation and stand for constant product improvement and design and development of innovative technologies. With its Diagonal turbines Geppert has an unrivaled product in its range of products.

Our plants are usually fully automated and equipped with remote control and visualization.

We gladly advise you on new development, upgrading or refurbishment of your power plant. Geppert GmbH is your global professional partner.